Bentgo Insulated Bowl 2 with Snack Compartment


Enjoy everything from hot soups to cold cereals on the go with the help of this insulated Bowl 2 from Bentgo, featuring a separate snack compartment with a retractable spoon and fork.


Approx. dimensions: 6″L x 6″W x 5.75″H
MADE FOR JUICY EATS: Take your favorite soup, noodles, rice, chili, cereals and other wet foods on the go – the spacious bowl with leak-resistant inner lid holds 21.2 oz of deliciousness
IMPROVED INSULATION: Keep hot foods warm and cold foods cool longer – the redesigned insulated bowl and air-tight inner lid work together to maintain your food’s temperature up to 4 hours
STACKED FOR SNACKS: Keep crackers, granola, dried fruit, and more separate from wet foods using the top snack compartment to hold ½ cup of snacks plus the retractable utensils
NOTE: Snack compartment is for dry foods only. It is not leak-proof
EASY-GRIP DESIGN: New contoured lid makes the bowl easier to open while the notched base provides secure handling when eating on the go
Dishwasher safe

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