Gerber Hearty Bits Multigrain Banana Apple Strawberry Baby Cereal, 8 Oz


Gerber Hearty Bits Banana Apple Strawberry baby cereal is specially designed for ages 1 and older with a spoonable texture and a taste toddlers love. Made with real fruit, this banana apple strawberry cereal contains dried apple bits for delicious fruitiness with no artificial flavors.

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8 oz package of Gerber Hearty Bits Multigrain Banana Apple Strawberry Baby Cereal
Gerber baby food designed especially for toddlers age 1 and older
Gerber baby cereal made with real fruit in banana apple strawberry flavor a taste toddlers love
Non-GMO banana cereal contains iron and essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development
Textured pieces and bits of apple with a spoonable texture helps toddlers practice chewing
Mix the fully cooked cereal with milk or water to reach the desired texture
Store reclosable BPA-free container in a cool, dry place and use within 30 days of opening
The health and safety of your little one has been and will always be Gerber’s highest priority. We’re a leader in infant nutrition, not just because we grow food that will feed your little one, but also because we know what nourishment your little one

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