Nutri Chopper XL


This Nutri Chopper/Slicer na must have for your kitchen ooo. Me too get am. When I chop and slice my carrots, bell peppers, okra etc, come cook am, e be like say na Maggi kitchen food I cook. Everything dey look superb. Get your own, while supplies last!


Press, Slice, Chop, Dice, Nutri Chopper XL is a multi-functional vegetable chopper and a great addition to any kitchen. Stop chopping vegetables one slice at a time. It is an incredible, compact, handheld kitchen slicer that your vegetables with just one push and having four different interchangeable slicing options can chop large cubes, small cubes, slices, shreds, and more. It is easy to use and dishwasher safe. 11″ long size Nutri Chopper XL, store it in a drawer, safe and secure.

Product Features:

Four different interchangeable slicing options
Can create one slice or ten perfect slices at once
Razor sharp interchangeable stainless steel blades to make all the cuts you want
Dishwasher safe
Cleaning brush included
Large container with all around non-slip feet
Easy to store
Includes Mandoline slicer, vegetable dicer (large and small), shredder, and slicing guard

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