Pyramex Safety Individually Packaged Lens Cleaning Towelettes, No Streaks, 100 Piece


For plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lenses
Safe and effective with all lens coatings
Ideal for glasses, goggles, and face shields
Anti-fog, anti-static formula

100 PACK: Our lens cleaning towelettes come in a economically reasonable pack of 100 towelettes. Whether you lose a few, or keep them in different locations like a purse or wallet, you’ll have more than enough towelettes for any situation.
NO STREAKS: Unlike other cleaning towels and fabrics, our towelettes don’t leave streaks across lenses or electronic screens. There’s no need for extra, tedious streak removal. One wipe and you’re done!
MULTIPURPOSE: These cleaning towelettes can be used on lenses and electronic screens alike, with no risk of damage from using the wrong kind of cleaning solution.

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